All Profits will go to  Frontline Activists

Oluwatoyin "Toyin" Salau, 19 years old, was a powerful young activist in Florida. While she rallied to protect Black Lives, Toyin, was left unprotected by all of us. She was without secure housing and undergoing abuse and assault, yet still raised her voice and her power to fight for all Black Lives.

On June 6, 2020 Oluwatoyin "Toyin" Salau, tweeted that she was sexually assaulted by a man who offered her a ride and to find someplace for her to sleep.  She was later found murdered. 

What happened to Oluwatoyin cannot happen on our watch. Frontline activists put their bodies on the line for all of us. 

We will donate 100% of monies raised directly to individuals like Toyin.

We will protect our siblings with this fund.

  With your purchase, you allow us the opportunity to cashapp, venmo, paypal individuals directly. Your purchase gives them a meal for the day, maybe even a place to sleep for the night. 

And while donations do not change the system, your purchase/our donation will help activists meet their immediate basic needs. 


Thank you in advance for your purchase!